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Senovo Health Dental Broker

The Specialist Dental Broker,

Going Above and Beyond

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"Their involvement was extensive and well above what I had expected" Dr Mark Ray

About Senovo

We are a specialist dental broker and advisor, based in the North-West of England and operating nationally.

We work solely for the vendor on each transaction and we have no preferential arrangements with any buyers. Our sole focus on each project is to achieve the best outcome for our client, following the brief they have provided.

Our competitive advantage stems from the expertise of our Managing Director, who works on each assignment from inception to completion. Having worked in the dental sector since 1998, Richard brings a wealth of experience, leading a talented and knowledgeable team on each project.

Selective in the projects we work on – we are not a volume-driven business and we will only take on assignments where we believe we can add real value.

Now part of the DJH Mitten Clarke Group, a top 50 accountancy practice, we have access to a multidisciplinary team of experts, including dental accounting and tax, commercial funding, capital allowances and wealth management. It’s this diverse skill set that allows us to deliver tangible benefits for our clients throughout each project, as well as helping them plan for the future.

Who we are

Having worked in the UK dental sector for over 20 years, Richard played a big role in growing IDH (now {my}dentist) and developing it into the world’s largest dental corporate. His expertise and insights, derived from working for a large corporate, have proved invaluable in advising our clients.

Our reputation is a key strength, and we will do everything possible to protect and enhance it. We recognise that our clients have a choice, so it is important to us that when they place their trust in us, we deliver for them.

Richard Crook,

Richard has worked in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. He has a background in finance and spent over a decade as head of the M&A team at IDH during which time they bought, sold and integrated over 300 dental practices.

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David Wright,
Head of Funding Solutions

David has been providing advice on funding solutions for over 25 years working within Commerical Banking and more recently advising associates and practice owners within the dental sector.  With a strong knowledge and experience of the funding market, David has helped many clients secure finance to acquire a practice or secure capital to invest and grow their existing practices.

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Why use Senovo?

We believe there are a number of tangible benefits to using our services:

A dedicated team of professionals

Our multidisciplinary team of experts provide a personal, dedicated approach, working directly on your project each step of the way.

Knowledge and experience

Our team have helped acquire and sell many practices on behalf of our clients and also supported them to grow their operation. This experience is directly transferrable when helping you to achieve your aims.

Adding value

We will only take on work where we can deliver a positive outcome for the vendor. In general, this means that we only tend to work on larger projects – practices with a turnover in excess of £750k or groups of practices. On these transactions, we believe our analytical approach can add real value and improve the outcome for you. We really get “under the skin” of your business, presenting it in the best possible light, and providing improved clarity for you and the bidders.

Totally supportive

The real-world experience of our team in acquiring and selling practices means that they understand all aspects of the transaction process. But not only do they understand them, they provide full support as they guide you through them. Our job does not end when we find you a buyer and agree a deal…it’s only just begun! We continue to work with you, your lawyers and accountants, providing input right through to completion.

Network of contacts

Given our focus on the larger transactions, buyers have tended to be the dental groups or private equity investors, however now part of the same group as Morris & Co Specialist Dental Accountants, we work closely with their large portfolio of dental clients, many of whom are looking to acquire practices. Although we have an extensive network of contacts, we operate a ‘whole of market’ approach and we have no preferred buyers. You, as the vendor, are our client and our role is to find the “best fit” solution for you.  

Regardless of where you are in your decision-making process, we would love to hear from you. Rest assured that any conversation will be treated in confidence.

Going above

Why use Senovo
Who we are
Senovo Health Dental Broker

Feedback from our clients

"Right from the outset, their involvement was extensive and I would consider it to have been well above what I had expected, and a great comfort through the process, which can be challenging at times."

Dr Mark Ray

Contact us

Contact Senovo Health for a service that goes above and beyond.

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